Mowing type

Here at Lux Texas Landscaping we use Reel mowers. There are several reasons using a reel mower over a traditional gas-powered mower has its advantages. The biggest advantage is the way reel mowers cut the grass blades. Traditional gas powered mowers use rotary blades that spin like the blades of a helicopter, resulting in grass blades that are chopped, shredded, or torn. This can lead to a condition in grass known as “white-tip” where the tip of the grass blade turns white or brown as a result of this shredding action. This is especially obvious when rotary blades began to dull. On the other hand, reel mowers have blades that lift and cut individual blades just like a pair of scissors. This results in a clean, crisp cut and an overall healthier looking lawn. For a quality cut, there is no beating a reel mower

Irrigation Coverage

We also provide ,within the same package, irrigation maintenance. This includes full coverage of your sprinkler heads, rotor heads and pipes. We include labor for controllers, rain sensors and valves. Included within this is also winterizing in the fall and activation in the spring.

Total Cost

For yearly coverage the total cost would be $150 a month